IBM Functional Genomics Platform Docker image

In an effort to make it easier to get started with IBM Functional Genomics Platform, we now have a docker image with python2 and python3 pre-installed.

  • It comes with the latest omxware sdk pre-installed along with a bunch of python libs like matplotlib, numpy and some others.
  • This image also comes with a Jupyter server pre-installed.

docker run -d --name jupyter --restart always -p 8888:8888 -e JUPYTER_ENABLE_LAB=yes -v /mnt/storage/jupyter:/home/jovyan/work c0mpiler/jupyter jupyter lab --LabApp.token=‘omxware’

  1. Change the mount point /mnt/storage/jupyter to whatever you want on you host machine – so you can share files from your host with this docker img
  2. This image also has some example Jupyter notebooks for you to look at and get started
  3. Once you run the docker image – you can open up http://<host-name>:8888/lab? in your browser and the pwd is omxware
  4. The host-name is that of your host machine you run this docker image on. If you are running it on your laptop, the host-name is either localhost or

Feel free to share with anyone you are helping to get started using IBM Functional Genomics Platform.

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