How do I retrieve genes or proteins by their uid?

I have a GENE_UID_KEY and I would like to see what other gene names match that uid. How do I do this?

Please take a look at the OMXWare services grouped by type… The service endpoints should be readable and self explanatory.

For Genes by uid{GENE_UID_KEY}

For Proteins by uid{PROTEIN_UID_KEY}

Does the input need to be a json formatted string? I tried just entering the uid directly and got an error.

Is there a way to do this programmatically from the python client? I need to query thousands. Thanks for the help!

Please take a look at the python client documentation –
This will be updated as we keep adding new features.

Gene by UID

  • omx.gene({gene-uid-key})

Protein by UID

  • omx.protein({protein-uid-key})

Hope this helps