How can I search for genes using a keyword in SDK

I’m trying to get all 16S genes in OMXWare using genes_by_name() function in SDK. If I call the function using ‘16S’ or ‘*16S*’, I won’t get any results. But if I use the full name ‘16S ribosomal RNA’ in the function, I’ll get around 185 genes as result. Is there any way I can avoid using the full name and use a keyword?

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Great question. I’ve had to do this previously. See if this example helps to do what you need. @harsha is the sdk expert so he may have another suggestion too.

gene_name ="crispr"
genes = omx.genes_by_name('CONTAINS '+gene_name , page_size=500, output='dataframe')

This app might be a helpful example for you. The z.input convention is unique to Zeppelin though and I don’t think it works in Jupyter.

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Thank you @superman.

Also do you know how can I search for genes using more than one keywords? For example genes that has both ‘keyword 1’ and ‘keyword 2’?

That’s a great question. @harsha do you know?

@akshay.agarwal1 do you think you’d be able to take a look and see if we could help @sarath.swaminathan out? For some of our recent queries, this would be helpful to know. Thank you so much in advance!

With the new omxware sdk. omx.genes(gene_name=) will return all genes matching the input keyword.